The Rock: That Rock is Christ

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Leaving home for the first time to embrace the college life, Anna Mathis was ready to make her own choices and take on the "free at last stance", which so many high school graduates have adopted. Now she is to embark on a whole new life with her son. For years Anna has been haunted by her past and has faced the scrutiny of campus assult that has cost her many unfortunate setbacks. But nothing could have prepared her for the shocking surprises that lay ahead.A prominent political figure's son has been charged with murder. In the midst of coping with this tragedy and the media's coverage, an unknown secret that has been hidden from family members will be uncovered. What happens when their house of cards come tumbling down? The elder brother without waver has been pointing the family to 'The Rock' for restoration. But will they reach a point of no return before God's love and redemption, which is demonstrated through true repentance, is accepted. With multiple characters and story lines intertwined in their mutual quest for God's love and forgiveness, The Rock will grip its readers with its intensity and spirituality.