The Third Temple of Israel Rebuilt: Key Sign of the Earthly Return of Yeshua Ha Mashiah

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The prophets of the Lord have foretold the rebuilding of the temple of Jerusalem demolished twice by the enemies of Israel. Why did the Lord permit its destruction? Where and when should this temple be rebuilt? What are the consequences of its reconstruction? What are its real spiritual implications for Christians and for humanity? These are some questions to which the author of this book, moved by the Spirit of God, answers with scrupulous reliance on the Scriptures and on past and present events, especially those taking place in Middle East. So, for example, what is often forgotten when resolving conflicts in the Holy Land, is that the question of Temple Mount is central. Thus, all peace resolutions in the Holy Land that overshadow the complex issue of the temple will come to nothing.This book is to read because its contents demonstrates the necessity of this reconstruction and invites all the Christians of the world to commit themselves to realize this work of reconstruction of the temple of God, according to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.