We Are All Witnesses to Good and Evil

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Imagine: You are 21. You live in Poland. Suddenly, you are sent from your homeland halfway across the world to Hong Kong to serve as a missionary. In World War II, the Germans executed your friends and countrymen. Oświęcim, the town where you were a seminarian, became Auschwitz. You escaped that violence but you entered another war zone: the Japanese invasion and occupation of Hong Kong. The violence there was no less intense and barbaric than in Europe. You witnessed and experienced the worst of humanity. The world was on fire.People of faith and agnostics alike will benefit from knowing the life of Catholic Reverend Tomasz Szeliga, Salesians of Don Bosco, (1915 - 2005). We Are All Witnesses describes what Father Tomasz had seen and experienced for 35 years in Hong Kong: many kinds of good, such as love, sympathy and faith; and many types of evil, including war, brutality, and sadism. Father Tomasz followed his vow of obedience, his conscience, and God’s plan for him. His love of God deepened in this time of religious persecution.Readers will feel engaged. They will shudder at his torments but will empathize with his sufferings. They will feel inspired by his blessings. Father Tomasz was a man of unwavering faith, lasting charity, boundless hope, and abiding service. He received and gave unconditional love. He lived according to the Biblical phrase Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. (Romans 12:21) His life serves as inspiration for us. After all, we are all witnesses to the good and evil of the world. We will ask ourselves: are we learning from it.I knew Father Tomasz in Boston, MA. I knew sketches of his life in Hong Kong. I felt blessed that I was able to write this fictionalized portrait of Reverend Tomasz Szeliga, Salesians of Don Bosco.