Willows by Flowing Streams: Raising Children of Promise into Gospel Maturity

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This book is for Christian parents to live by faith in the promise of Isaiah 44:3-5 on behalf of their children of promise for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon them that they may be raised into Gospel maturity. It takes a unique perspective on the posture of parenting and covers areas of Gospel discipline, discipleship, discovering callings, and becoming grandparents with children as friends in Christ.

Karen and I made many mistakes, but the Gospel with the Holy Spirit and prayer has always been our main work. Everything else was follow-up.


We have known and loved Bob and Karen Smart for nearly 40 years. We have observed them navigate through life as new believers, meet and date each other, marry and parent their five delightful children and in-law children, and now, grand parent. We so respect their wisdom and their understanding of the Gospel and who we are in Christ. Bob and Karen have lived this book and share a burden for parents. We highly recommend Willows by Flowing Streams. Dave & Cathy BowmanCollegiate Mission Director for The Navigators in AtlantaCampus Director at Georgia Technological UniversityCurrently living in Woodstock, Georgia “I highly recommend this book for any parent wanting to redeem the time with their beloved children. It’s not only a wonderful resource for the young parents just now embarking on the adventure of parenthood, but for those of us blessed with grandchildren as well—serving as a charge to leave a legacy for the cause of Christ.” Rick McLean, Father of 7, Elder, Businessman