Buried Secrets: A Yanci Golden Mystery, Book 2

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Because of her history (see HIDDEN SINS), Yanci Golden has promised that she will never again fail to aid a friend in need. To help the Spurlocks, who have been called away, Yanci, aided by Gus Dunaway, does chores at their farm. They encounter two intruders who flee. The car of a wanted felon is found. Yanci produces a sketch of one of the intruders, but people are not who they seem. As she progresses doggedly, unearthing buried secrets, a person dies. Was it murder? A second body is found, and then a third. In trusting her photographic memory and her drawing skills, is Yanci digging up danger for herself? Meanwhile, she must uncover and bring closure to other buried secrets: What are her true feelings about Gus? Do they align with biblical principles? Who among her youth group stole the mission-trip fund? And what is the secret that keeps Doris Egan from church, and why does it torment her?